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2020 NewsTrends – What’s the Latest?

Trends.  Everybody is always trying to figure out trends.  What’s the latest?  What does it mean?  How long will it last?  Am I ahead of it or behind it?  Is it good for me?  Like most people, my rear view mirror is far more accurate than my crystal ball.  However, I will give you my 10 cents worth regarding where we are going with short run box making machines.

Individual package shipments  are soaring and there is no reason to see this trend slowing any time soon.  UPS, Fed Ex, the USPS and countless private delivery service’s are making multiple deliveries to commercial and consumer addresses every day.  The demand for different, specifically sized boxes, on a JIT basis has exploded.  Quantities ranging from 1 to 17 to 83 to 9.  Suppliers must act faster than ever to stay competitive.  However, using a one size fits all box is not affordable.  A specifically sized box is critical.  Thus the short run box making machine.

Demand for and sales of box making machines is rising faster than ever.  Couple this fact with the fact that machines are built better and lasting longer.  This has resulted in a shrinking supply of good used machines.  We are always looking for good used machines and it has never been more difficult to find them than now.  So if anybody has been thinking about trading up for a newer machine, this is a great time to call me.  Lead times for a couple popular models are better than they have been in quite some time.  If you are looking for a used machine, we have several deals that won’t last long.  The inventory of used machines changes quickly.

Give us a call at Lake View Sales at 817-270-1019 to discuss the ideal machine for your needs.

Watch the Santiam in action and view the Spec Sheet here!

*** The Glumaster 6100 box gluer can now be ordered with the new integrated PrintStamper. Glue and print during one process. 3″ x 3″ print area is easily and quickly changed. See the video by clicking here.

Check out the Glumaster 6100 Videos here!

*** The EZB 1072 boxmaking machine is now available with changeable slotting tools allowing your choice of slot widths. The EZB 1071 box making machine is THE machine most people describe when listing all the performance features they want in the ideal boxmaker. Eliminating the separate step of cutting stock sheets to size, multiple outs, trimming the glue tab, variable slot widths, and over 170 FEFCO box styles are just a few features that make the EZB 1072 more of a box making plant than just a machine.

Check out the EZB 1072 Video and Spec Sheet here!

We’re always looking for quality surplus machines, if you have one you’d like to sell.
Call us! 817-270-1019

Field upgrades or rebuilds at one of our facilities are also available!

You can make your own boxes in the exact size and quantity that you need NOW!

  • It is Green………Less Waste
  • It is Efficient……Less Cost = More Profit
  • It is Lean……….Less Inventory
  • It is J-I-T………..Right Now
  • It Is Affordable

With increasing demand for short run boxes in a market where prices have increased regularly, the justification of BXMKR machinery has never been better.

button_financingoptionsThe BXMKRs are designed for “Just-In-Time” production of short run boxes. The flexibility of the equipment allows for the efficient manufacturing of a single box or hundreds depending on the demand. Short run boxmakers can be found in sheet plants, government facilities, end-user facilities… anywhere there is a need for “Just-In-Time” production or where corrugated inventory and warehousing is a concern. A customer recently stated “The equipment is a key factor in our lean
manufacturing process.”

blogThe box makers set up in seconds, have the most common corrugated styles preprogrammed and are ready to use instantly. Reliability, versatility and safety are paramount in our designs. The machines require very little instruction and can be used by virtually everyone in your plant. The simple and rugged design of BXMKR equipment translates to low maintenance and long life. It simply could not be easier to fill short run box demand.

Whether you are a box supplier or an end user, our line of box making machines can meet your needs for short runs on a JIT basis. AFFORDABLE pricing for almost any application and FINANCING terms for almost every situation.

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