Dimensional weight pricing is coming soon

Posted On May 27, 2016

Fulfillment Centers have just five months to get ready for a big change in how shipping charges are calculated. Dimensional Weight Pricing is coming and there is no stopping it.
To get ready, companies will have to become more efficient in their choice of shipping package size.
For some, shipping a very light weight product in a large container is a requirement and they will have to figure out whether the new higher shipping charge can be absorbed or must be charged to their customer.
For others, there is an easier solution. Use a shipping package that is correctly sized for the product.
Sounds simple.
Save container material, excess inner pack and dunnage too. Using the correctly sized box can also reduce the chances of product damage. The days of using a basketball size box to ship a marble are coming to an end.

The challenge is managing a box inventory of almost countless box sizes. It is one thing to order 500, 1000 or more boxes of one size that you are going to use within the next few weeks. But what about the box sizes that are used much less often?
Maybe 1 or 5 or 20 per week or even per month?
Suppliers traditionally will not deliver in those small quantities or will charge a disproportionately high price. The solution that many companies have found over the years is a short run boxmaker from Lake View Sales BXMKR.

With the widest choice of American designed and built models starting at just $29,995.00, Lake View Sales BXMKR can help almost any type of fulfillment operation with the right machine to make boxes in the exact size and exact quantity on a JIT basis. The Lake View Sales BXMKR team includes designers, engineers and real, commercial boxmakers with years of experience.

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