Lack of financing holding you back?

Posted On May 27, 2016

The demand for BXMKR’s to produce short runs has never been stronger. Yet many companies are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Why? I think one of the chief reasons is the perceived difficulty in acquiring financing. If you want a new or used BXMKR but are not sure about financing…you are not alone.
The money is available. However, everybody is aware by this time that you will have to answer a few more questions and work a little harder to get what you need.

The first step is pretty basic. We have to spec the right machine for your application and put a proposal on paper. (Okay, e-mail.) Doing this gets you three quarters there.
The next step is to locate a good source. We have a great source. Works hard and will tell you what you need to know.

Obstacles and solutions:

What I am seeing regularly is that to make up for some downgrading in a credit score, companies are putting a little more ‘skin in the game.’ Excess or dead inventory. An under utilized machine or vehicle. One of the first principles of “lean” business is to get rid of the dead wood. Its value on the books may not match reality. Do not let it deceive you into losing more time and value. Unless you are in the antique business, it is not going to gain value with age. Turn it into something more productive. Recently a good friend and business associate sold an old machine for about half what he really wanted. However, the machine was turning to rust, not making him anything and was like an anchor holding him back. Tough decision to make but really the only smart thing to do.

Another idea that is often overlooked is approaching one or more of your good customers. Many good customers like and have a genuine interest in helping their vendors.
Coop. This seems counterintuitive to many. However, it is done regularly with great success. Focus on the common interests and benefits. Sharing a machine is a great way to shorten your ROI time.

I believe that the time to move is now.
Get on board or get left behind is the message I am hearing.