Case Erecting, Filing, & Sealing – MANUAL


The revolutionary PackPod is the
world’s smallest case erector/case sealer.


Cases are formed, packed, sealed and palletized all in one place.

demo-manThe PackPod’s innovative design consistently delivers well-sealed, visually appealing cases – a big advantage over hand taping as well as many conventional systems. It also provides an effective solution for difficult applications such as reverse flap folding, partial or full overlap and gap flapped RSCs. The PackPod is an ergonomic dream come true – eliminating the problems caused by repetitive hand taping and box carrying demanded by conventional systems.

The PackPod is ideal for contract fulfillment houses and smaller production houses. Additionally, high-speed dedicated packers gain much needed flexibility in satisfying special customer packs with the highly portable PackPod.

The PackPod also doubles as a ten case per minute case maker.

Since the tape bonds instantly and sizes can be changed over in less than a minute, the PackPod is a simple answer for tape erecting cases.

Nominal Case Sizes

LENGTH: 8” min – 24” max
WIDTH: 6” min – 16” max
DEPTH: 3.5” min – 18” max
TAPE: Pressure Sensitive 2” Width