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Six very distinct box making machine types are offered. Each is designed and manufactured in the US and is considered to be the best in its class. The most economical and simple machine, the Santiam, does not offer any options. Others such as the EZB 1072 All-In-One or the Magellan LD and HD series offer a wide variety of options. All the machines are normally ‘sheet fed’ but we do offer a fan fold option on several models for those particular applications where fan fold is acceptable.

We also have specialty machines such as gluers, diecutters, and design tables.

There is a growing interest in paper, box and packaging testing. We have compression testers, ECT testers, drop testers, shock testers and vibration testers and much more.

Box Making Machines


The most economical box maker, up to 175 boxes per hour, virtually maintenance free.
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BXMKR2 & SLTR Box Making

Up to 300 boxes per hour. Ideal for multiple short runs of 25 to 100 pieces each.
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BXMKR1 Box Maker

Up to 800 boxes per hour. Economical short run production machine.
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EZB1072 All-In-One Box Maker

Feed a stock sheet into the machine and make a box in one pass. Slits to width, cuts to length, slits or slots, scores and trims the glue tab. Up to 275 boxes per hour.
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Magellan LD Box Maker

Up to 600-700 boxes per hour. Finished boxes in one pass.
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Magellan HD Box Maker

Double wall, Triple wall, jumbo boxes. Up to 600-700 boxes per hour.
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Specialty Machines


Designed to apply cold glue to the manufacturer’s joint and compress until the bond is set. No adjustment or set up required between most box sizes.
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DCI Diecutters

Flatbed Die Cutters in four sizes. Set up in less than two minutes. Up to 600 passes per hour.
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Design, Sample and Display Table. Apple Operating system uses any Design software.
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No printing plates required. Create and store jobs in just minutes using Windows based software.
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Testing Equipment

Validator Compression Tester

Many sizes available from 20” up. Control from the included PC. Video Capture along with multiple graphs and charts provides a complete analysis of box performance.
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Samples Crush Testers

Use various sample fixtures to perform different tests on the same Tester. ECT, PIN and others. PC and software included
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L.A.B. Drop, Shock, & Vibration Testers

Accurately and reliably test packages objectively
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